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The Mind of God


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These pages are intended for those who have read the book, or to encourage those who are yet to read it. Many readers are having interesting experiences with the text. Some are experiencing external events that corroborate what they are reading. Others are discovering internal symbolism that was not originally planned. For those of you who have had such experiences, please send them to this web site so that all may share in the discovery! e-mail comments to



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1. Inquiries About the Cover

2. The Menger Sponge, p. 162

3. The Mandala, p. 148

4. A Synchronistic Experience

5. The Singing Stone, p. 89-92

6. Transformation, p. 271-273

7. Jacob’s Ladder, p. 122

8. The Nazca lines, p. 97

9. The Praying Mantis

10. The Miracle of the Crickets, p. 54-55

11. Dark Matter Update, p. 158, 264

12. Why We Haven't Heard From "ET"

13. The Power of Music

14. Light

15. The Butterfly Effect

16. For Skeptics

17. The Quantum Computer

18. Infinite in All Directions

19. Dreams

20. Alchemy Revisited

21. Microbes

22. Intelligent Design

23. The Electric Cell

24. Synchronicity and the Fish Symbol Revisited

25. A History of Greed:
The "Spoil of the Poor" is in Your Houses

26. About Suffering

27. Firefighter Synchronicity

28. In Praise of Ants: the Superorganism

29. The Gaia Hypothesis Revisited.
A Human Superorganism?

30. The Brain's Dark Energy

31. Faith and the Scientific Method

32. Quantum Theory Revisited

33. The Limitations Of Our Perception


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