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The Mind of God


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Human Destiny, Music, and the
Search for Meaning Amidst Tragedy.



It is possible to find meaning within the context of human suffering. Having served as an emergency responder for twenty years, I've been amazed how many times we have arrived within minutes of an accident, only to find off duty doctors and emergency personnel already there, providing assistance. They just happened by. Discovering this to be a widespread occurrence, I began to wonder if it was just coincidence, or had some deeper significance.

After returning from a trip to Bali in1994, an event occurred that would forever change my life. For an entire week, every thought became meaningfully related to those things occurring in physical reality, as if the very thought was creating it! Many of the events involved music, whose lyrics perfectly reflected what was happening at the moment. Psychologist Carl Jung called such events "synchronicity." In a detective mystery style, the book traces a quest to discover its meaning, winding through ancient myth, science, psychology, and religion.

Gradually it's revealed that circumstances of chance happen to all of us, but positive compensations are orchestrated by a higher level of intelligence, leading us in an evolutionary process, toward our destiny. What's the source of this intelligence, and what are we evolving toward? These are the questions addressed in the book.

The conclusions reached are startling, providing a unique perspective on Christianity and world culture. Included are such diverse elements as: the shroud of Turin, alchemy, Russian biological studies, Darwinism, linguistics, chaos theory, biblical passages, modern physics, and the Dead Sea and Nag Hammani texts.

A truly life-altering experience, your perception of God and man will never be the same!


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