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The Mind of God


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Photo of the Author Paul Cochrane Paul Cochrane has worked as a professional firefighter for over twenty years. He graduated Magna Cum Laude with two Bachelor of Science degrees, and was awarded a presidential scholarship. An avid adventurer, he has traveled extensively and studied cultures worldwide. He resides in Northern California.

Amazed at the many times emergency crews arrived within minutes of an accident only to find off duty doctors and emergency personnel already there, Paul began to wonder if it was just coincidence, or had deeper significance. In 1994, an event happened that would forever change his life. For one week, each thought of every moment became meaningfully related to those things occurring in physical reality, as if the very thought was creating it!

After years of searching for its meaning, a number of breakthroughs arose from coincidental sources, resulting in the book, The Mind of God. The work encompasses exhaustive research and collected notes and experiences spanning more than twenty-five years.


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The Mind of God - Paul Cochrane