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The Mind of God


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Chance or Fate? Search for meaning amidst tragedy - Synchronicity in a scientific psychological and theological perspective


Is there meaning in the coincidental events of our lives?
Explore the mystery of human experience.
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The Mind of God

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Book Title: The Mind of God

Sometimes, the greatest adventures in life are internal. This work represents such an adventure. It's a journey through the unseen dimensions of mind and spirit. I can attest to the reality of the events described herein. They are not fictional. The journey isn't new. It's been the quest of millions of persons for thousands of years. But, like the uniqueness of one's fingerprints or DNA, each life story is unique.

I began the quest as a youth, by borrowing from the scientific method and generating a few hypotheses. It was soon discovered, however, that the investigation would need to extend beyond that approach. After some time, the "unseen" realm occasionally manifested itself in the physical world, as if a level of reason was operating. In the years following, I began working in emergency services and witnessed many chance events of tragedy, including the deaths of friends and family. What part, if any, did reason have in these things? Could there be meaning in the probabilities of what appeared to be mindless suffering?

After returning from a trip to Bali in 1994, something happened that would forever change my life. For one week, each thought of every moment became related to those things occurring in physical reality, as if the very thought was creating it! Psychologist Carl Jung defined such experiences as synchronicity, or meaningful coincidences. Many of the events involved music, whose lyrics perfectly reflected what was happening at the moment. The result was both electrifying and unsettling. What level of intelligence could operate in this way, and what was it leading toward?

Gradually, it was revealed that the processes of our planet and the interactions of its inhabitants are orchestrated by a higher level of intelligence leading us, in an evolutionary process, toward our destiny! I've come to believe that most people are completely unaware of this process.

There are, however, two burning questions that remain: who's "pulling the strings?" and what are we evolving toward? That's what this book is about. The following pages will present the ideas as they were presented to me and describe my journey of arriving there. The final conclusions might be shocking!

Having no intentions of writing a book, my life seemed to accumulate a lot of strange and interesting experiences. One night, it came in a dream that the experiences were integrated into a story, and the story needed to be told. Once I made the decision to proceed, the narrative began writing itself, the bulk of the contents being produced from the dream state. It might therefore be appropriate to welcome you to the "waking dream." I hope reading it will be as interesting as it has been living it!

Paul Cochrane

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The Mind of God - Paul Cochrane