The Mind of God


4. A Synchronistic Experience

On page 75, there is a chapter titled, A Breakthrough. It describes an event that happened in 1996.

A friend of mine called on the telephone to describe a funny coincidence. He was reading a book, when his mother reminded him of a meeting he was scheduled to attend. When he explained that he would much rather finish the book, she replied, "That's OK, a guy has to do what a guy has to do." The instant she said this, he read the exact same phrase in the book! We laughed, and then briefly spoke of other coincidences.

Hanging up the phone, I walked into the other room and met my roommate. I commented about how busy I was, and he replied, "A guy has to do what a guy has to do!"

Breaking into laughter, I called my friend back to relate what had just happened.

The next day at work, the same phrase was repeated to me again by two different people in two unrelated circumstances. I later discovered that the same thing happened to my friend's mother that same day at her place of work People kept repeating that phrase! A few days later, I related this chain of events over the telephone to my brother. He exclaimed, "Oh, I have a book that you must read!" Moments before I called, he was looking through an old book case. The cover of one book caught his eye. It was about synchronicity. This book greatly illuminated my understanding of the concept, eventually motivating me to write The Mind of God.

The Mind of God was published in January, 2003. My friend who triggered the funny coincidences of 1996, was visiting his mother and showing the newly published chapter described above. She was watching TV, but stopped to read it. The moment she finished, a horse cartoon character on the TV said, "A horse has to do what a horse has to do!"

In October, 2004, I gave a presentation at a library about my book. We discussed synchronicity and the chain of events described above. The next day, I received the following E-mail from the librarian:

"After you left and I went back on the reference desk at the library, a patron asked for help in locating a book she could not find on the shelf. The book was about simplifying life and slowing things down a bit. I was just thinking that I could use this book myself as I walked with her to the shelf. I noticed that right next to the book she was looking for, there was a book called, "A Girl's Gotta Do What a Girl's Gotta Do!"

The day after receiving this E-mail, I was invited to the party of a friend. A man later arrived at the party, and seemed to take a particular interest in me. He was wearing a T-shirt that said: "A guy has to do what a guy has to do!"