The Mind of God


27. Firefighter Synchronicity

As a carrier firefighter for many years, I was amazed how many times we arrived at accident scenes only to find off- duty nurses, doctors, or other emergency personnel were already there providing much needed assistance. This occurred with such regularity, that it seemed beyond coincidence. I learned this was also common among my co-workers. I received this E mail from a reader on Oct 3, 2009 (coincidentally my birthday):

I got the link to your web site from the Graham Hancock web site. I am writing to tell you of two experiences I had with my ex-husband when he was a firefighter and now retired Fire Chief from a department in suburban Detroit, Michigan. This kind of thing has happened to Tim many times, but there were two times when my children and myself were with him. The first occurred in the seventies some time early on a Saturday morning on a freeway leaving the Detroit area to go to Cleveland area to visit my in-laws. We witnessed two young girls in a Corvette and two young men in another Corvette, who were forced of the road at high speed by the girls who took off. The Vet went up the hill on the side of the freeway and immediately caught fire. My husband pulled over and pulled the two men out just before the car blew up. They were slightly injured, but could not have gotten out of the car without help.

The second incident happened also in the seventies while we were coming home from a weekend trip in Northern Michigan. We were on a two lane highway about 40 miles North of Detroit. There were two motorcycles ahead of us. All of a sudden, they wiped out. Apparently, a farmer had lost part of a grain load on the road. We stopped of coarse, and my husband kept them stable and warm with blankets we had in the car until emergency crews arrived. One of them was injured quite badly. Many times when things like this happen, witnesses have no idea what to do, but my husband was also a paramedic with advanced training.

I have always been grateful that we were there at the right time. I know of many similar stories that Tim has told me involving other firefighters. On the other hand I truly believe we were supposed to be there, but don't want to think that we may have created it.

Best wishes, Shirley P.