The Mind of God


23. The Electric Cell

It has been known for some time that cell walls of living things have some electrical activity, but until recently it was thought that the bulk of the cell interior was electrically neutral. Raoul Kopelman, a biophysical chemist from the University of Michigan invented a tiny nano voltmeter that has revealed massive electric fields within the cell interior. The device has measured fields up to 15 million volts per meter, 5 times that found in a bolt of lightning, or over 1,000 times that found beneath a high voltage transmission line! The finding is a paradigm shift for understanding how cells work. No one yet knows why or how these fields exist. It reiterates a basic assumption that all sciences make. The assumption that the reality you are trying to discover is capable of being sensed by you or the tools you are using. As our tools improve, our perception of reality may change! Stay tuned on this one! (1)

1. Nancy Ross-Flanigan, Nano- sized Voltmeter measures fields deep within cells, University of Michigan record on line, Dec. 3, 2007