The Mind of God


17. The Quantum Computer

On page 218-219 of The Mind of God, the concept of the universe operating as a giant computer is discussed. This idea overlaps and provides implications for many other aspects of the book. In the November, 2004 issue of Scientific American, an article titled "Black Hole Computers" by Seth Lloyd and Y. Jack NG gives added insight. The authors reiterate the idea that the universe is functioning very much like a computer. They comment: "What is the universe computing? As far as we can tell, it is not producing a single answer to a single question…. Instead the universe is computing itself. Powered by Standard Model software, the universe computes quantum fields, chemicals, bacteria, human beings, stars and galaxies. As it computes, it maps out its own spacetime geometry to the ultimate precision allowed by the laws of physics. Computation is existence." (Scientific American, Nov. 04, p. 61)