The Mind of God


10. The Miracle of the Crickets, p. 54-55

The text describes a plague of insects that was devastating the crops of the early Mormon settlers of Utah in 1848. The insects were later called "Mormon crickets." The settler's crops were reportedly saved by a miracle. Huge swarms of seagulls swooped in and devoured the insects by the thousands. The event went down in history as "the cricket war," or "the miracle of the crickets." The seagull subsequently became the Utah state bird. One hundred and fifty-three years later, the crickets have now returned.

In June, 2003, the San Francisco Chronicle reported that Mormon crickets have besieged parts of Nevada, Utah, and Idaho for the past four years. Most recently, they have attacked Elko, Nevada.

The 153 year interval may have some symbolic significance. Jesus once produced a miraculous draught of 153 fish. (see John 21:6-17) The number 153 also has some interesting mathematical relationships. For a full discussion see p. 93 of the text.